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Unleash the power of your NFT collection

With Icona, every NFT in your collection can be combined and utilized within endless digital experiences. Everything is created by the community: personas, clothing, items, music, environments, stories, and even games. Icona makes it all work together. With Icona, anything is possible, from custom digital personas to episodic virtual experiences where the whole world can play together.

Our goal is to unleash the collective creativity of humanity by enabling the interconnection of all types of creative content.



Why are we so sure this is possible? We pioneered the model of interactive experiences with content created by community. Our team built Covet Fashion and Design Home, hit mobile titles enjoyed by millions of fans (and over half a billion dollars in revenue). All content in these titles was designed by the fashion and home decor community, including brands such as Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and hundreds of others. We've also spent years building a system where anyone can create original music by combining different beats. With Icona, we're generalizing the model to include even more, such as personas and even community built experiences.

Below are a few examples of what Icona will enable:

Create custom GIFs and other memes:

Create a custom profile by combining:

... to create a one of a kind video:

Race against friends by combining:

... and share your viewpoint of the results:

Play a "Squid Game" type experience, where everyone in the world can join a massive multiplayer episodic series:

... will you survive to the next chapter?

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